Download Free Office Password Recovery Tool

It is really difficult situation when you lost password of MS Office files. In Microsoft Office Suit you get different applications for different types of work. MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook are most well features application used by the Windows users to accomplish various types of works on daily basis. To create a simple official data you can use MS Word where as if you want to save large amount of data related to financial department then MS Excel is the best application. As like that for animated files you can use PowerPoint features.

3 Steps to Recover MS Office Password

Step 1. Download MS Office Password Recovery [File Size: 2.1 MB]
Step 2. SCAN MS Words/Excel/Access File
Step 3. Get Original Password

Security of MS Office files might be important for your privacy. In order to maintain data security people generally use password security to lock Office files. By setting password authentication users have to enter correct user id and password to access the files. This helps Office files to prevent from unauthorized access. But sometimes this feature of MS Office creates problem when you lost password of the files. In this case you fail to open Office Excel, Word, or PowerPoint files. This situation requires Office password recovery tool.

When you forget the used password of the Office documents then you must have to use third party Office password recovery software to recover lost or forgotten password. If you haven’t written the used password on the paper or notepad then there is a maximum chance of password lost. Nobody is perfect and in this busy schedule anyone may forget important codes from their mind. So it is better to use Office password recovery program when you fail to access your files due to wrong password authentication.

Office password recovery software is a unique program that has capability to recovers password of any length and complexity. With powerful recovery algorithm you can retrieve password of the MS Office documents. This effective software provides simple and user friendly interface with amazing office password recovery steps. It is easy to download and easy to use for any version MS Office files. You may also free download office password recovery tool.



Office Password Recovery is all-in-one solution for recovering lost password of MS Office Documents.

Word Password Recovery

Recovers original password and unlock MS Word

Excel Password Recovery

Recovers original password and unlock MS Excel

Power Point Password Recovery

Recovers original password and unlock MS Power Point

Various Search Option

Specify password length, password hints etc for quick search

Break Any Password

No matter what the password length and complexity are.

Process Multiple Files

Scan and Search Password for Multiple Files Simultaneously.