PowerPoint Password Recovery

PowerPoint is a presentation which contains number of page known as slide. The slide is the use to view on the projector and the slide contain many types of slide like text, graphics, sound, movies, songs etc. Password is use to protect the document or files from unauthorized access. The password may be set by any Computer either it is a professional users System or maybe it is use for individual users. MS Office package is most user friendly and popular application because it has most popular features which make the application most users friendly. This application has password facility, to keep protect the confidential data from the outside users. No one can be open that document or files without an exact password but it creates problem when a user lost or fail to remember that password. At such moment it creates a critical situation to the user so in this article we will discuss about the easy solution to recover PowerPoint password from your System.

3 Steps to Recover MS Office Password

Step 1. Download MS Office Password Recovery [File Size: 2.1 MB]
Step 2. SCAN MS Words/Excel/Access File
Step 3. Get Original Password

PowerPoint password recovery software

PowerPoint or .ppt file is used to prepare slide which is used to view on the projector. This application has the password facility to keep protect the document or files from any unauthorized people or professional, but it creates critical situation when an authorized user unable to open that secret or protect file due to forget password form his her memory at such moment it may creates seriously headache to the user. At that moment it becomes most necessary to recover lost password from the storage System. You can apply PowerPoint password recovery software to recover lost or forget password from Your Computer. This Tool will help to retrieve password from any version of the PowerPoint. It is a helpful password recovery Tool to recover instantly any types of password like MS Word, MS Excel, MS Excess and MS PowerPoint etc. It automatic start scan inside the Computer and search the storage file where the password is store and retrieve the password quickly as it is lengthy or complex password. It provides a successful solution to a recover lost or complete password from the storage files. This is a user friendly interface tool that can perform any recovery task easily. It is capable to retrieve crack password from MS Office application and it provides to recover multiple files simultaneously with a high speed. Basically this PowerPoint password recovery software is designed to retrieve lost password with easily and with a high speed.

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Office Password Recovery is all-in-one solution for recovering lost password of MS Office Documents.

Word Password Recovery

Recovers original password and unlock MS Word

Excel Password Recovery

Recovers original password and unlock MS Excel

Power Point Password Recovery

Recovers original password and unlock MS Power Point

Various Search Option

Specify password length, password hints etc for quick search

Break Any Password

No matter what the password length and complexity are.

Process Multiple Files

Scan and Search Password for Multiple Files Simultaneously.