Outlook Express Password Recovery

Outlook express is the product of Microsoft Windows which is an email and news client. It is different from Microsoft outlook. It is included with Internet Explorer 4.x, 5.x, windows 98 os etc. It is specially designed for the home users who access their emails by dialing into ISP(Internet Service Provider). Outlook express is designed as that it can be used with any internet standard system such as SMTP, POP3, IMAP, MHTML, HTML,NNTP. Like outlook it is also password protected because every user has their own Account and Password for the security of the personal data. When you are creating a password in outlook express it is compulsory to take care on some given instructions such as-
i) It must be unique
ii) It must be the combination of upper and lower letters and at least one numeral or symbol
iii) Don’t set the password same as your name, date of birth, mobile numbers, account numbers and the other data that may be guessed by the other users easily.

3 Steps to Recover MS Office Password

Step 1. Download MS Office Password Recovery [File Size: 2.1 MB]
Step 2. SCAN MS Words/Excel/Access File
Step 3. Get Original Password

Why use a password for outlook express

Like Microsoft outlook, you have to also create the account of outlook express and if the account has created then to use it login with the id and password. So password play very important role. It is a unique and most important part of the outlook and outlook express because you can share the id but never password. Only you should know the password otherwise your data can be hacked or other user can also use your account to send or receive mails. It may be dangerous for you.

Need for outlook express password recovery

You need for outlook express password recovery because sometime your password is very complex and you have not note down it so you forget it and the result is that you need to recover the password. If the password is not recovered then you can’t use the outlook express. Password is the main part of the account. You should always note down your password for such situation.

Process of outlook express password recovery

If you have forget the password of outlook express then don’t worry because you can recover it by using office password recovery tool which is easy to use and can be recovery the password of outlook express easily. Download and install this tool in your system and run it. It can also recover the encrypted password. It is the best process of outlook express password recovery.


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