MS Access Password Recovery

MS Access is the database program which allows maintaining and editing a database file. The Microsoft Access file is applicable to do any small projects and any business sectors. This application not requires any tables and spread sheets to maintain the data inside it. A user can easily work with this application and keep maintain of the data on the PC. The Microsoft Access is known as the Microsoft Office Access which is basically used for database management system and it is the combination of relational Microsoft Jet Database Engine and the GUI based application tools. This MS Access is popularly used in the professional sector or in the business organization of the world.

3 Steps to Recover MS Office Password

Step 1. Download MS Office Password Recovery [File Size: 2.1 MB]
Step 2. SCAN MS Words/Excel/Access File
Step 3. Get Original Password

This application has predefined password facility which is used to keep safe the data from the outside or external users. If the data or a file is protected with the password no one can be access or view the data without proper password. Here it is discuss about the MS Office password recovery which is used to recover lost or forget password from the System.

MS Access password recovery

MS Access application is widely used to maintain database and this application has a built in facility to keep safe the data from the unauthorized users or professional. It becomes very critical when a user lost or forget MS Access password from the Computer. At such moment it becomes very critical situation to the user because without proper password a user unable to access or open that files from that System. In such cases it becomes necessary to know solution to recover MS Office password recovery.

Causes of lost Password

Password may be lost for many reasons. If the password is too lengthy and complex it creates problem to remember, if the user format the Operating System suddenly it creates data lost situation. Sometimes it also happen when a user forget the MS Access password it creates headache to the user and at such situation it becomes necessary to recover password. By the help of MS Office password recovery Tool you can easily recover any types of password from the Computer such as MS Word, MS Access, Excel, and PowerPoint password with a very short time. This is a very helpful tool to recover lost or deleted and forget password with a very short time. It has the capacity to retrieve the lengthy or complex password from the PC. This password recovery instantly recovers lost password from all types of data protection files and it is supported in all version Windows such as Microsoft Office 2003 to 2007.


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Office Password Recovery is all-in-one solution for recovering lost password of MS Office Documents.

Word Password Recovery

Recovers original password and unlock MS Word

Excel Password Recovery

Recovers original password and unlock MS Excel

Power Point Password Recovery

Recovers original password and unlock MS Power Point

Various Search Option

Specify password length, password hints etc for quick search

Break Any Password

No matter what the password length and complexity are.

Process Multiple Files

Scan and Search Password for Multiple Files Simultaneously.