Recover Lost Excel 2010 Password with Excel Password Recovery Software

Setting password on a document means that you are protecting your documents from unauthorized persons or unauthorized access. Microsoft Office 2010 comes with advanced office package that helps to create your document, save important files and folders so that you can retrieve your files at any time. MS Office 2010 package comes with MS Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Outlook. This application helps you to create database with good graphics, contact with images and other useful things. Ms Word 2010 graphics is better than other versions of MS word like 2003 & 2007. MS Excel 2010 is spreadsheets that is specially designed for database. In this database you can create database and save database. In excel 2010 you can also create password so that anybody cannot access your database. Some people lock database and after some days they forget their password. There is software ‘Folder Lock’ this software is specially designed to lock the folder. Any folder you can lock this software.

3 Steps to Recover MS Office Password

Step 1. Download MS Office Password Recovery [File Size: 2.1 MB]
Step 2. SCAN MS Words/Excel/Access File
Step 3. Get Original Password

To forget excel password is very common issue. If you want to save your database then you will have to remember your excel password. No matter if you forgot your excel password then you can break this password through ‘Password Breaker’ software. This software breaks your excel password and you can save your data. Generally you lock excel folder because anybody do not access your database or do any modification in your database. Some most common reasons which become the cause of this password loss situation are:

  • Forgetting the used password
  • Virus infection may cause file inaccessibillity.
  • Password might be change frequenty

When you forgot your excel password then there is a Excel password recovery tools. This tools is specially designed for MS Excel 2010. You can download this software from the internet. This software is capable to perform all types of attacks like brute, force, smart search, dictionary based search and recovers passwords.

If you forget your excel 2010 password then there is a password hints, you can recover password from password hints also. If you do not have any idea about excel password recovery tools how to use this software then you can download this software in demo version and then use this software. This software supports all version of MS Office.


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Office Password Recovery is all-in-one solution for recovering lost password of MS Office Documents.

Word Password Recovery

Recovers original password and unlock MS Word

Excel Password Recovery

Recovers original password and unlock MS Excel

Power Point Password Recovery

Recovers original password and unlock MS Power Point

Various Search Option

Specify password length, password hints etc for quick search

Break Any Password

No matter what the password length and complexity are.

Process Multiple Files

Scan and Search Password for Multiple Files Simultaneously.